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Martin Spinelli is a senior lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Sussex. An American abroad, he is a bestselling nonfiction author, writer of 

Host & Exec Producer

Martin Spinelli

numerous essays on media theory, and an award-winning radio producer. His 2006 series Radio Radio is taught around the world and his work is archived in major collections in Europe & the US.


Ella is a producer who has worked on projects for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 3, as well as for Audible and RNIB. She is also a writer who has


Ella Gray Thomas

written fiction for the stage and audio, as well as running PR and marketing campaigns for third sector organisations and ethical businesses in Brighton.  

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Lance Dann is a Senior Lecturer in Audio and Digital Media at the University of Brighton and is an award- winning audio producer. His work has


Lance Dann

included creating radio dramas and documentaries for the BBC, designing theatrical sound at The Wooster Group, and in 2017 creating the critically acclaimed audio thriller Blood Culture.


Jack is an audio producer who likes to tell stories - some of which are real, and others he makes up. He has worked on various projects for BBC Radio 4,  The


Jack F Jewers

Spontaneity Shop and Monocle 24, and has had his work featured in the UK International Radio Drama Festival. 

For Your Ears Only was produced with the support of Arts Council England, Bloomsbury Academic, the University of Sussex, Brighton University, and the British Academy. It was hosted by REFRAME.

The series also included sound by Andrew Duff and voice performances from Rachael Sparks and Eoin McKenna.

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